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My name is Brittany

Butterflies for Vicki

This was the photograph of the butterflies release. It was a little chilly and the butterflies seemed reluctant to take off. I liked the geometric shapes in this picture and the see through boxes. A bit of a odd surreal image. Meadville Tribune photograph by Richard Sayer

Letter sent by the Smithsonian for Vicki’s memorial service

Tribute to Vicki in the Meadville Tribune


Letter from the McKeever Science Center

Tribute from an admirer from Peru

Avian (Dedicated to Vicki Van Meter) (6:47)

Link to Song:  Borealia РAvian (Dedicated to Vicki Van Meter)

I hope you enjoyed the piece, as I still do. Even though I was a bit older when I heard Vicki’s story, she became a¬†personal hero to me, an example that age means nothing, if you have the determination and passion. I took from her example and started playing music and recording pieces like the one dedicated to Vicki while still being young, and before I ever had any access to a professional studio. It inspired me to write this piece, in which I really tried to musically express the serenity of flight.
-Travis Lausch